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Ocean Pollution- A DAX measure to create awareness and reduce the plastic waste

Ocean pollution is the biggest threat to animal wildlife species on this planet. Nearly thousands of whales, dolphins, and turtles die due to consumption of plastics. In this session, I will pull up the data from web resources, extract it through custom connectors, transform the bad data through power query and load it into power bi “X” velocity engine. After cleaning and shaping, this data will be needed to talk to each other through data modeling using relationships. It depends whether Many-to-many or Many-to-1 is feasible for the requirement of the problems. Certainly, after modeling, it will then be added to calculated measures, implicit measures, cumulative measures, added columns, data types, and filters that can render unique semantics and visualization over a variety of entities responsible for this pollution. All these measures will be on a separate table for quick insights to the calculations made to provide an instant solution to the existing problem and can be shared with Ocean Conservancy, Sea Shepherd conservation society, Surfrider foundations or to any highest bidder to understand the use of PowerBI.

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