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Power BI Forum Aid #3


Sunday 12th of march we’ll hold our 3rd “Forum Aid“.
The first Forum Aid and 2nd Forum Aid events received positive feedback.
We’re always looking for improvements, so let us know what you would like to see!

The Goal

Just as last time, the event will be invite-only and seats will be limited. However, everyone is free to be a candidate.
The only criteria is that you want to help others or need help yourself.
The event will be about 60 minutes long, starting at 10am EST / 16:00 CET (convert to your local time)

The setup

  • We gather on Skype a bit before 10am EST / 16:00 CET
    You don’t need Skype or an Office 365 account, you can join as a guest via your browser!
    A link will be sent when your request for invitation has been accepted.
  • Everyone searches for unanswered questions beforehand on an online platform, for example: the Power BI Community forum.
  • If you have a question yourself, don’t forget to post it in the Power BI Community forum.
  • Attendees discuss the question and if we come to an answer, note the answer.
  • Afterwards, a new blog post will be made with all the questions and answers.

Want to join?

Comment down here with how we can contact you, DM me on twitter (@JanMulkens), or mail me at “jan.mulkens at this domain” to make yourself a candidate to join the call!
Only requirements are that you have a lot of enthusiasm, you’re open to learn and willing to help others


Got a question about this event? Let us know via facebooktwitter or down here in the comments

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