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Power BI Forum Aid #2


Sunday 26th of february we’ll hold our 2nd “Forum Aid“.
The first Forum Aid event received positive feedback.
However, there were some points that could be improved upon.

The Goal

The event will be invite-only this time. However, everyone is free to be a candidate.
We’re still aiming for an event between 30 and 60 minutes long, starting at 10am EST / 16:00 GMT (convert to your local time)

The setup

  • We gather on Skype a bit before 16:00 GMT
    You don’t need Skype or an Office 365 account, you can join as a guest via your browser!
  • Everyone present will search for interesting unanswered questions on an online platform, for example: the Power BI Community forum.
  • If you have a question, before hand. Please post it in the Power BI Community forum.
  • We discuss the question and if we come to an answer, note the answer.
  • We’ll (try to) gather and post the URLs of all answered questions, if we don’t forget it like last time 🙂


Comment down here or DM me on twitter (@JanMulkens) to make yourself a candidate to join the call/webinar!
Requirements: A lot of enthusiasm, open to learn and willing to help others


Can’t join? Let us know via facebooktwitter or down here in the comments

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  1. Hi Jan, i liked the first Forum Aid and i would like to mijn again. I have no question, but maybe this time i can help someone else. Love this kind of innovative experiments.

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