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Power BI Forum Aid #2 – Recap

That’s it, the second Power BI Forum Aid event is over.
With 3 people in the call (Erich Dejesus, Rob Jouvenaar and me, Jan Mulkens) the forum aid effort was fast and efficient. There even were some great ideas for future improvements!

Below are the questions we answered.
If you have another insight that can help the people who asked the question, feel free to reply to the original question as well!

Question #1

One of our usergroup members cross-posted his question to our facebook group.
Repost is here, the original question is here.
It comes down to a question most people working in HR have. Our first thought was that linking the date columns to an actual date dimension would resolve his issue because time intelligence requires a valid date table.

Question #2

Another one of our usergroup members posted on our facebook group about a connection issue on
Our first thought was that he was having internet connectivity issues. Sadly enough we weren’t able to replicate the issue. Because there are some Microsoft people in the usergroup, we hope they can help identify the error message and a possible solution.

Question #3

The last unanswered question that one of usergroup members posted on our facebook group was about an annoying popup for a custom visualization on a published report.
It seemed to us that the cause of his problem might be related to a setting in Power BI Desktop before publishing the report.

Question #4

The next question was about an OData access permission issue one of the members on the Power BI Community forum has been having connection issues to an excel file recently.
There’s some more information required to solve his issue, so this troubleshooting will be ongoing.

Question #5

The last question we discussed was another one from the Power BI Community forum. It seems to be a complex issue regarding the creation of measures. With several other members already having tried to solve it, so far the question has been unanswered.
This brings us to a change that we’re going to try for next time. Pick up a large item, (try to) solve it outside of the Forum Aid event and discuss the solution during the event.

What’s next?

Power BI Forum Aid #3 will take place on March 12th 10am EST / 4pm CET.
The format will stay the same:

We solve questions you submit via comment here, on facebook or via twitter and we browse the official Microsoft Community forum and usergroup forum for more questions.

One slight change is that we’re going to tackle larger problems that require more than a quick analysis and short answer as well, possibly in between events.

Your feedback

What do you think of events like these?
Is there anything you would like to see or change?
Do you have any questions yourself?

Let us know!

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