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New Official Microsoft User Group Community (PUG)

Last month we ran a week long and very successful campaign asking you, our user group members, to sign up the official Microsoft Power BI User Group Community.
It turns out, Microsoft was already creating an even better Power BI User Group Community website.
One of the advantages of this new official community is that it brings all Power BI User Groups together. It makes it easier for you to find nearby user groups and events or virtual events such as the ones that we organize.

This post serves as a short introduction to the advantages of the new community website.
And we politely ask you to join our user group over there as well.

Unique experience

While we at the Global Power BI – Virtual User Group strive to bring you events in English from all over the world, this official community also helps you find or even organize local events in your own language.

This is unique because as a user you’re no longer isolated from other user groups. User groups themselves can also coordinate events in this way.

If your local user group isn’t very active, it might be hard for you to learn. The official user groups community also helps you to find active user groups.

Of course, you can always just ask our virtual user group! Our members are located all over the world, so you’ll usually receive an answer in a very short time.

You can easily share presentations and demo materials through this forum by just uploading them. This also means you can easily find relevant materials!

With the new user groups community site, it has become a lot easier to find speakers or even sponsors for your own events in a very coordinated way.

Another huge benefit of this official community is that you can easily volunteer to help at events or you can even volunteer to become a speaker yourself!

On the topic of you speaking, at the Global Power BI – Virtual User Group, we’re always looking for new speakers. No matter your experience, the topic you want to speak on or the time you want to speak at. Let us know and we’ll give you a stage or even help you prepare your session if you want.

Join us on the official PUG community site!

Signing up is a quick proces

By joining our user group over there, you help us show Microsoft and the community that we’re an active user group and you help us become event better!


Post them down below and we’ll try to answer them all!

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