Opening up the User Group website

Usually a user group is led by a couple of people who try to organize events for the group and spread news.
This user group has already changed that by letting you, the user, post your news and events on our social media like facebook.
Now we also want YOU to contribute to the Global & Virtual User Group website.

User group website

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are interested in what the Global & Virtual Power BI User Group does for the community.
Since the Power BI community is very active, perhaps you have something to tell us as well.

This is your chance! Today we are also opening up our website for the community.
Become a contributor for your local user group or for the global user group. We encourage you to share all the Power BI news and events from around the globe with others!

How to contribute to User Group website ?

We invite you to share your events, information and news surrounding Power BI with the world.
Just register as a contributor on the website by creating an account via this form.
There are some contributor rules & guidelines we set out initially and we’ll adapt them when and where necessary. All feedback on them is very welcome as we’re trying to find the best way to make this work.

Some examples include:

  • Keep the subject Power BI related
  • Keep the intention of spreading knowledge instead of getting commercial
  • Minimize double postings
  • Use this chance to start blogging or link your own blog


Because together, we can certainly help the global and local communities a lot more then by ourselves.

Get updated from all User Group activity

For more news and updates, you can also sign up to our newsletter.

Questions, feedback?

As always, any and all questions, improvements or other feedback is very welcome in the comments down below!
Or use our facebook group, which seems to have the most user activity. But you can also ask us questions through twitter (@GlobePUG, @Vishal_BI, @JanMulkens) or the official Microsoft Community Forum or even LinkedIn

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