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Forum Aid – First Edition


Today we’ll hold a try out for “Forum Aid“.
An event, slightly inspired by Brent Ozar’s Office Hours.
If all goes well, we’ll make it into a regular event.
If all goes wrong, we’ll blame me and try again next time with some improvements.

The Goal

Together we’re going to go through some Power BI forums and help others by trying to answer their questions.
We’re aiming to do this for 30 to 60 minutes, starting at 16:00 GMT (convert to your local time)

The setup

  • We gather on Skype a bit before 16:00 GMT, click here to join the meeting
    Don’t need skype or an Office 365 account, you can even join as a guest via your browser!
  • Everyone present will search for interesting unanswered questions on a Power BI Community forum, LinkedIn group, or other medium
  • You can even ask questions through live chat
  • Everyone can answer! You can type or ask to be unmuted.
  • Together we’ll answer all the questions and decide who posts an answer to the forum
  • We’ll gather and post the URLs of all answered questions to show off our hard work and gather more attendees next time


Comment down here and join us on the call 🙂


Can’t join? Let us know via facebooktwitter or down here in the comments


  1. Hi, i like this try-out. I am very enthusiastic about Power BI. Did some learning from books and events. Now i am developping a real solution, a dashboard on project status information. I am wondering if this event is going to work. I am a new Office365 subscriber and Skype is kind of new to me for this kind of online collaboration. But we wil see and its a nice experiment.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Glad you’re joining us.
      You should be able to join us, even without a skype account. Let me know if you have any trouble!

      If the event doesn’t work, we’ll certainly adjust whatever is necessary. So keep the feedback coming!

  2. Hi everyone!
    Thanks for the experiment yesterday. After some struggle it worked fine.
    In the meantime my question is answered!
    I would like to personally thank Vishall for his offered help.
    But a email to his adres e-mail adres just got returned undeliverable (DNS).
    I would be fine to have youre e-mail adresses for better collaboration.
    If you agreed, just send your email to

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