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Dashboard For Life – Episode 1

In this episode, watch Vishal guide you through his SQL Server Info Dashboard.

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    ALL SQL Server Information

    Drive Info

    Hardware info

    Instance Information

    SQL Server Start time

    SQL Server Configuration Details


    CPU Usage

    Memory Usage

    Disk Free Vs Total Space

    Dashboard Evolved as

    Dashboard is inspiration for DBA

    Save time to know anything about SQL Server

    Visualization of SQL Server information

    Intention is to “To help DBA to know SQL Server info at a glance and monitoring”

    Wh Question

    Who -DB Admin and DB Devs

    Where – This dashboard can use in real-time development and administration for any SQL Server information

    When – On demand when you need to see all SQL server info at run time

    Which – Is key column in table for Data modeling – name(Database name)

    How – Dashboard has SQL Server Instance As Parameter

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