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Analysing your company’s online presence using Power BI by Ásgeir Gunnarsson

This webinar is over.
You can rewatch the recording on our youtube channel:


In this session we will look at how you can use Power BI to analyse your company’s online presence.

We will look at how you can source data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The main focus will be on how to access company data such as impressions, engagement and webpage traffic from these sites. What methods can you use to get the data and what are the challenges you face doing it.

We will then show how you can work with the data to get some meaningful analysis from it and ask the question: Can you get a holistic view of your online presence?

The participants will leave the session with ideas on how they can use Power BI (or indeed some other BI tool) to start analysing their company’s online presence.


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